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Big Island Studios - Hawaii Island Film Production
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Da Training Brahs - Backfire (Official Video)
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Almost Had It All (from "A Date With Miss Fortune") - Official Music Video
Kailani Tours Hawaii
La Morenita - Home of the world famous Wedding Chicken (TV Spot)
Jordan Smallwood - Pro Drum Services
Da Training Brahs - No Worries Beef Curries (Official Video)
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Gone in the Morning
Introducing Bikeman
Meet Bikeman
Bikeman In Training
Let's Explore the World of Drums Shall We - (Pilot Episode)
Goodbye Elliott - Where’s My Home (Official Music Video)
A Creature in the Night
Daytona & Runaway - Litmoon (Official Music Video)
Who is Big Island Studios
Big Island Film Production
Kailua Kona Film Production
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Jonathan Stimac

Big Island Studios | Kona Film Studios

Jonathan Stimac, a native of Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i, has been captivating audiences with his cinematic creations since childhood, and his passion has only grown since founding Big Island Studios in 2008. With a sweeping global influence that has garnered the attention of over 50 million viewers, Jonathan, alongside his partner Ryan Shields Johnston, forged the Bishop Brothers, a dynamic duo dedicated to pushing the limits of creativity and crafting epic cinematic experiences that transcend the boundaries of imagination.

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Ryan Shields Johnston

Kona Hawaii Film Production | Big Island Movie Production

Ryan Shields Johnston has been producing branded content, tv shows, and music videos for over 27 years. Ryan is a creative visionary who has a knack for crafting visually stunning content that captivates audiences. With a strong collaborative spirit honed over 23 years working alongside Jonathan, Ryan has always adapted to evolving trends while staying true to the essence of storytelling.  From thought-provoking dramas to epic adventures, Ryan carries a true passion for the art of movie making and inspiring audiences.

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Hawaii Film Proction Company

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